Tour proven mental game strategies to help YOU play your best golf

Performance specialist Dr Greg Cartin shares the secrets behind  creating freedom in your golf game and shooting lower scores.


Working with Greg before the Masters and US Open was essential. I’ve realized the thoughts we have aren’t real… they don’t control the shots I hit or what I feel... they’re all made up. For him to teach that to me and have a better understanding has been huge as I play these events.

Matt Parziale
2017 US Mid Am Champ

Ready to figure out how to perform at your best!


We all feel like there’s some piece of our mental game that’s holding us back from peak performance on the golf course.

Maybe you think you’re too nervous… just don’t know HOW to think around the course… can’t seem to focus enough… always just make DUMB mistakes.

Maybe you’ve had thoughts like this student…

"I love the game, and work very hard at it.

I know that I have the talent to get towards my goals but anxiety and fear of failure are holding me back considerably."

You just wish you could get a little clarity on what to think.

Have freedom when you play and reduce the clutter of always trying to "think positive" and have a "good" mental game.

In this course you’ll get all the education, exercises, and coaching you need to make an impactful difference on the way you think on the golf course.

If you're like most golfers you're probably asking questions like...

  • I've always had a "weak" mental game that's held me back but I don't know what to do about it.
  • How do I reduce my tension and swing freely?
  • How do I cope with the anxiety and stress that comes with playing competitive golf?
  • What should I be thinking while playing golf? 
  • How can i think like a tour pro?

Here's the transformation you'll see in your golf game (and life)

You'll be learning and implementing the same concepts and frameworks Dr Cartin’s uses with his tour players on a weekly basis.

Understanding and Clarity

A mental game plan for getting into your peak performance when you want to play your best under pressure.

Action Steps

Strategies and exercises on how to deal with nerves, frustration, and stress we all face on the golf course.

Every Question Answered

Answers to the most common questions you no doubt have thought but might be too embarrassed to ask.

What's holding you back from shooting lower scores? 

Dr Greg Cartin shares one of the biggest keys to the mental game. 


"This approach makes so much sense one that everybody can incorporate into their golf routine of life in general.

It has been a great help to me already and as someone who has searched for a long time for a mental approach to help me in competition...

This is the FIRST that has given me encouragement!"

Michael [student]

"Dr. Greg and Cordie present the mental side of the game in an understandable, real world applications. An interesting insight I took from this course was that, while I took it for golf specifically,

I saw some real world applications that apply in everyday life as well. The content was thorough and explained nicely, and the ability to watch and complete at one’s own pace is critical, in my opinion. I look forward to future courses."

John  [student]

About your instructor

Dr Greg Cartin actively works with a handful of PGA and WEB.COM tour players on a longterm basis.

After spending hours with him on numerous occasions I get why.

He talks in understandable terms and demystifies the mental in a simple / practical way.

Why should you listen to him? Longevity of the relationships he has with clients. They have a choice of who they want to work with and it’s more than just success on the golf course but how people feel about their lives outside of golf.

That’s the best proof. Elite level players work with him long-term.

Dr, Greg Cartin has a unique style and easy delivery of quality concepts in order to be more mindful for golf. As a full time coach, with a wide variety of players, the information provided is essential for personal growth, allowing players to access their skill sets.

For myself, I can always implement the techniques as well. We can all go through this together! Thanks to Cordie and the Golf Science Lab for providing great content and a valuable educational experience from Dr. Greg Cartin!

Jordan [coach]

The course is simple. It helps us lay people know that a strong mental game doesn't require years of training, but perhaps years of UNtraining.

Going back to the nature of existence, we can allow ourselves freedom by releasing any connection to the random thought.

Dr. Greg and Cordie do a much better job of simplifying the complexity that the "daunting mental game" warrants in its publicly accepted definitions.

Neil [student]

What's inside the training program?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you how to gain freedom in your golf game and shoot lower scores.

Training Program - $99 value

  • We'll walk you through the 5 key modules to help you understand the core concepts of Dr Greg's program. 
  • Exercises and activities for you to put into practice what you learn in the program. 
  • Practical conversations and insights to help you understand how to play better golf.
  • Lifetime access to the videos and training content

Live Coaching Calls  - $199 value

  • Get on 4 LIVE coaching calls with Dr Greg and fellow golfers to get practical expertise and additional insights
  • YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED.  Submit your questions before or ask live on calls
  • Unparalleled access to one of the leading performances coaches in professional golf

Competitive Golfer Pre Round Coaching- $49 value

  • We'll walk you through the 5 key modules to help you understand the core concepts. 
  • Exercises and activities for you to put into practice what you learn in the program. 

Community + Q&A - $49 value

  • Read through past student's questions and answers while going through the training for additional perspective
  • Ask your own questions and get specific answers to your unique situation.

We're on a mission to help tens of thousands of golfers achieve their golfing goals by understanding what it takes to play their best golf.

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Whether one of my students is on the PGA tour or just trying to play their best at the club my go to guy for helping with the mental game is Dr Greg Cartin.

Greg's strength is that he’s extremely practical and simple enough for all of us to understand. He has a unique ability to give each player regardless of what level they are at something different and individual. Each player gets something just for them.

I think you need to understand what he teaches because he’s drastically helped my players and he’s going to help you.

Tony Ruggiero

Top 50 Instructor / PGA tour coach

This Golf Mindfulness course has been so meaningful to me that I have 10 pages of typed notes so that I can conveniently review them!

This course truly has improved my golf game and my enjoyment of the game. Thank you!

Jamie [student]

This program has helped me understand my mind and the thoughts and ideas I have while playing a round of golf. I have noticed when I play competitive golf I start to question what other people will think of me throughout the round. Having gone through the chapter of self reflection I can now catch my mind wandering in that direction and let the moment pass to refocus my brain on the task at hand.

I’m excited for my Rounds of golf going forward. Thank you!

Phil [student]

Frequently Asked Questions

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