How to start lowering your handicap without spending more time practicing or going through a painful swing change

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Who is Practice Secrets for?

The Practice Secrets program is for any avid golfer looking to lower their handicap with highly effective and efficient practice methods...

  • golfers who struggle to break through during competition or when the pressure is on. 
  • and want to spend less time practicing but get better results.
  • create long lasting playing skills.

If this doesn't sound like you then this program IS NOT for you!


 "I really enjoyed the whole video series - it's a great resource that brings together optimal practice strategies.
I'll be implementing many of these concepts in my own practice."
Sterling, golfer

From the desk of Cordie Walker: 

Dear Golfer, 

Have you struggled to take your range game to the course?

Do you feel like you're just wasting time when you practice? 

Do most of your practice sessions seem boring, monotonous, and always seem to end with you frustrated, swearing, and machine gunning 7 irons trying to figure out why you can’t hit it better?

Why Most Golfers NEVER practice in a way that helps them shoot lower scores

I’m really excited because I want to show the key learning and practice concepts that can help you reduce your practice time but get you playing better golf out on the golf course. 

I was like you…   Unable to figure out what actually mattered when I practiced. 

The more time I spent on the range nailing down a perfect 3 yard fade with my 6 iron the less it seemed to matter. 

I mean every time I went to the course it felt like everything I had worked on was out the window by the 4th hole.

I Embarked on a Quest

I was already hanging out with some of the top instructors and starting asking around about learning and practice… I was blown away by what I found. 

There is an entire field called “motor learning” which is studied by researchers and implemented by many coaches in all kinds of sports.  

It’s all about improving the effectiveness and efficiency of your practice so you spend your time doing actions that actually help you on the course, during competition, when it counts.

HOWEVER, it has not been widely discussed or implemented in golf…

And I don’t know why.

So I spent about a year talking with every researcher, coach, and player I could find that was talking about better learning and practice.


The Secrets I Found by Studying “Motor Learning”

1 - The way 90% of golfers practice don’t align with good motor learning research. 

That means they're most likely wasting a TON of time.

2 - There’s a clear reason why some people seem to get better faster and perform at their best in competition vs on the driving range

3 - With a few simple changes, mindset shifts, and a clear road map any golfer can radically improve their practice to start seeing better results on the course

Here's What You'll Learn in the Practice Secrets Training Program:

Easy to understand concepts that you can implement at any course and range

Does not matter your skill level or location you can start using this strategies right away in your practice.

Spend less time practicing as you become more efficient

No more mind numbing practice sessions that become boring and monotonous.

Start to love practice and training as you optimize your actions

When you understand how learning happens you’ll start to

What’s Inside Practice Secrets Training Program?

An easy-to-follow program designed to teach you how to practice so that your skills transfer when you want them most… on the golf course in competition.

Practice Secrets: Daily Video Training Series - $99 value

  • Over two weeks you’ll get a new training video explaining a concept that you need to know for highly effective and efficient practice.
  • Daily activities to explore each concept for your game and immediate implementation.
  • Shot on the course to help you understand what you need to know in quick engaging videos.

Training Circuits - $79 value

  • Iain Highfield shares 5 practical training circuits
  • Everything from on course training to helping fix your golf swing.

FREE BONUS - Practice Secrets Community

  • Learn from other avid golfers looking to improve their practice. 
  • Exchange ideas for practice plans and see what everyone else is doing.


We're on a mission to help tens of thousands of golfers achieve their golfing goals by understanding what it takes to practice and learn golf. 

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Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • 10 highly effective games and exercises to explore what better practice is all about.

  • The real goal of practice that most golfers completely ignore at their own detriment.

  • How to start having your “range game” make its way to the golf course when your under pressure.

  • The fundamental (yet little known) learning research that we base our methods off of. 

  • How simple mindset shift can reframe the way you view your practice time and radically improve the effectiveness.

  • How to start using training aids the RIGHT WAY and get the techniques to transfer from the range to the golf course.

  • Why the number one thing we far to often AVOID when practicing is what we in fact need to embrace. 

  • How our simply weekly “skills check-up” can help you shoot lower scores without spending hours beating balls on the range. 

This program is designed for any level golfer, coach, or anyone interested in understanding how we learn and practice optimally.

Understanding better practice will help the elite level competitive golfer and beginning amateur. 

We’ve built out a custom learning portal to go through the videos, leave comments and your insights while getting the answers you need.

You'll get daily training videos for two weeks and an additional 4 training circuit videos with Iain Highfield. 

Our recorded video course is ready and available for you to start going through TODAY. 


HERE’S HOW WE MAKE THIS NO RISK TO YOU: Try the entire course. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I’ll even eat the credit-card processing fees.

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